Client Comments

Liz was referred to me by a friend and co-worker who knew I had been suffering from sciatica for over thirty years. Lower back pain, hip joint, pain and muscle aches were things I lived with and medicated myself for every day. What I really appreciate about Liz is her way of finding out about you and your ailments long before she attempts to work on you. This gave me a great sense of relief that I was going to be handled in a gentle, caring way and not in a heavy-handed, painful way as had been my experience with other massage therapists. She was not about showing me how well she could perform a massage, but how her skills and different methods of massage could help relieve my aches and pains. Thank you, Liz, for introducing me to a kinder, gentler massage therapy!

Pam S - client since 2002 

Liz has been a lifesaver.  After my auto accident, too many “cooks were stirring the pot.”  Liz zeroed in on my problem areas and was the one therapist who brought relief to my lower back.  In addition to Liz’s massage expertise, her CranioSacral techniques really work!!  As a traditional health care provider, I am skeptical of any therapy that doesn’t involve direct hands-on manipulation.  Liz’s CranioSacral skills helped me on a number of levels.
Joel Goodman DDS
Client since 2000

The calm deeply relaxing touch of Liz can always be trusted.  She effectively and professionally relieved my chronic pain and restored my mobility to my neck and back.  Her compassionate manner, commitment to ethics and deep respect for boundaries makes her the perfect person to refer my client for an emotionally safe massage.
Terry Hilt-PHD

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